Landing Pages Can Convert 2X Better Than Online Stores

While your online store is great for high-level information and allowing visitors to explore products, ecommerce product pages aren’t up to snuff when it comes to making the sale.

Product pages are generic and lack focus

No matter how organized your online store is, you’ve still got distracting navigation, one-size-fits-all messaging, and competing CTAs that can derail a shopper’s purchase momentum. Landing pages bring focus to just one conversion goal: sales.

Updating your storefront takes too much time

Time really is money. Tricky website updates and technical bottlenecks limit your ability to run promotions and seasonal campaigns—so Black Friday could come and go before you even get that sale up.

Testing ideas for new products is risky

You need to know whether a new product is worthwhile before investing, but even a small change to your live store can take too much time. You need a way to experiment outside your storefront.